About eduID.ng

eduID.ng is the identity and access federation for the Nigerian research and education community comprising of higher education institutions, research institutes, schools and recognised stakeholder organisations who are users and/or producers of academic outputs. By establishing mutual operating rules and policy, participating organizations are able to utilize federated access among each other in a cloud-based trusted access management environment.


  • Provides users with single sign-on (SSO) and seamless content access in and outside Nigeria using the login credentials of their home institution.

  • A participating eduID.ng institution acting as Identity Provider (IdP) can allow its students, staff members, researchers etc. to use their campus login to access a growing number of online services and resources (like research databases, library journals, cloud services etc).

  • Joining as a Service Provider (SP) provides access to users and partners can provide secure access for users to their service at a single point without having to interact directly with the user’s institution or maintain user accounts.

  • The service is extended internationally by participation in eduGAIN which enables users to access international services with the same ease.